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Our specialty is the application of automotive and marine protectants. These include clear bra paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic paint coatings.

At Canadian Auto Shield we offer top tier paint protection which is backed by a lifetime warranty. This will allow you to spend more time behind the wheel and less time worrying about your paint.

Canadian Auto Shield offers the auto detailing Winnipeg needs and our reputation and work ethic speaks for itself. Our company’s standard is driven from passion and we don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Canadian Auto Shield is an industry innovator in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba Canada. We combine new and innovative technologies with old tried and true techniques. Our paint protection technologies provide elite protection for the auto detailing industry. We use the best performing protection products on the market.

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From paint protection film to ceramic coatings, we offer a variety of services to protect your vehicle’s paint.
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  • Paint Correction

Canadian Auto Shield’s paint correction service ensures your vehicle’s paint is enhanced to look the best. We recommend your paint is corrected before any protective product is applied. We have the experience to work on new vehicles as well as older ones that may need considerably more polishing.

  • Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) represents the most effective way to protect the original paint of your car, truck or SUV. Our advanced PPF is designed to appear virtually invisible once applied. PPF will self-heal from small scratches and will repel the impact of pebbles and gravel at high speeds.

  • Ceramic Coatings

XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings installed by Canadian Auto Shield are nano-technologically advanced permanent coatings that seal your paint, trim, PPF and vinyl from contamination. The coating is harder than glass, yet flexible. It bonds to the substrate at a molecular level and seals micro-pores.

  • Interior Protection

The same way we can protect your vehicle exterior with a ceramic coating, we have special formulas designed for leather, upholstery, plastics and more. Sealing normally porous surfaces with a ceramic coating ensures your car interior resists staining and any type of contamination.

  • Window Tint

Canadian Auto Shied offers the most advanced window tint installation services in Winnipeg. Not only is our installation work impeccable, we also carry the best films in the industry. We offer XPEL PRIME XR PLUS infrared-blocking nano-ceramic film and XPEL PRIME XP metallic / dyed hybrid film.

  • Architectural Films

Today’s modern homes and businesses can greatly benefit from the protection afforded by light filtering flat glass window film and natural stone countertop protection. Canadian Auto Shield installs XPEL VISION window films and TuffSkin marble top protective films in Winnipeg and nearby cities.

  • Marine Coatings
Marine Coatings in Winnipeg
  • Surface Correction and Ceramic Coatings for Watercraft

Canadian Auto Shield devotes an important part of our business to marines services. We detail boats and offer scratch correction for gel coat and painted surfaces.  More importantly however, we put a large emphasis on marine coatings that allow your boat to remain looking great and make for much easier maintenance and cleaning. We offer ceramic coatings specially formulated for various surfaces on watercraft. These include formulas designed for below the waterline, above the waterline, non-skid surfaces and interior fabrics and vinyls.

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Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg is the premier installer of automotive finish protection products in Manitoba, Canada. Our expertise is based on years of extensive auto detailing and intricate paint correction. This level of detail in paint correction is then used to apply the products needed to keep your vehicle looking like new. We work on cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs and boats. All of these types of vehicles can greatly benefit from a proper detail, paint correction and ceramic coating. Furthermore, we recommend all new vehicles be decontaminated and protected the minute you take delivery. This will ensure you can enjoy it fully without worrying about rock chips or scratches.

We install world-class ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF) and clear bra. Our products are designed for various surfaces on your vehicle. These include exterior paint and trim, carbon fiber parts and metal trim. We also protect exterior glass surfaces. In the interior of your vehicle we can protect carbon fiber surfaces with paint protection film. This will protect these gloss surfaces from scratches induced by keys, watches, jewelry, or other articles of clothing like buckles and zippers. If you are not sure if a surface can be protected, please let us know. We can kindly advise you about difference surfaces since many different materials require a unique approach to protection.

The protection does not there. When it comes to vehicle interiors, the main concerns are usually stains and spills. We carry ceramic coating formulas specifically formulated for various interior surface materials. For example, we coat leather, vinyl, fabrics and plastics. Our ceramic coating applications will permanently seal the tiny micropores in these surfaces to lock out contaminants. This means that if you spill coffee on your seats, they can be easily cleaned. If your significant other drops an open lipstick on the carpet, it won’t stain it. If your kids forget a crayon inside your car, the mess can much more easily be cleaned up if the surface where it was doesn’t absorb it. That is the magic of a good ceramic coating.

When it comes to marine coatings, protecting your boat is as important as any general maintenance. Adding a ceramic coating to the hull will ensure it remains clean. After a day on the water, the process of cleaning it and getting it ready for storage is much quicker and easier to do. Protecting the usual vinyl surfaces on wake-boats, ski-boats, pontoon boats, or the typical runabout means that chemicals like sunscreen lotion and tanning oils won’t penetrate the surface. Additionally, a coated vinyl seat on a boat is much more resistant to UV light than a non-coated seat. For a vehicle that spends a lot time in the sun, a ceramic coating for these interior, yet exposed surfaces, is extremely beneficial.

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Staying on top of your vehicle’s appearance is a big maintenance task in our area of Manitoba Canada. Our roads are particularly riddled with contaminants and other hazards. The harsh winters don’t help the cause either. That’s where the auto detailing and paint protection professionals at Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg come in. A clear bra using our advanced paint protection films and a FUSION PLUS ceramic coating are some of the best ways to protect your investment and prolong the pristine appearance of your car, truck or SUV. Adding modern paint protection methods to your vehicle protects your paint and leads to a higher resale value down the line. In Winnipeg our vehicles’ paint is exposed to some of the harshest elements on the planet. Dirt, road gravel, salt, tree sap, insect acids, inclement weather and bird droppings are an unfortunate reality in this environment. Adding a layer of paint protection helps prevent damage to your paint, while simultaneously protecting your vehicle’s value. A ceramic coating over that will help reduce contamination and make cleaning much easier. Additionally, a ceramic coating for exterior plastics will help them retain their colour.

The ultimate in paint protection can be achieve with a full PPF vehicle wrap. The maximum hydrophobicity and self-cleaning properties are added with a ceramic coat on top of that. We do offer paint protection films that come pre-coated with a factory ceramic coating, giving you the benefit of both in a single installation. More commonly done however is the application of a full front end paint protection film installation, and then coating the entire vehicle with a ceramic coating. This combination is more affordable and the best value for most daily drivers. It gives you protection where you need it most. We have packages that come backed with lifetime warranties. Furthermore, we offer solutions customized for your specific needs. Your vehicle may be one that is driven year-long and needs a complete paint protection solution. Maybe you own a weekend only, fair weather show car. The requirements to keep it looking its best will be different in this case. Whatever your specific needs are, at Canadian Auto Shield we possess the expertise and top of the line products to prep your car properly and apply the paint protection it needs.

Canadian Auto Shield XPEL Installation in Winnipeg
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At Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg we take pride in protecting your prized vehicle’s original appearance inside and out. We are certified installers of the world’s most innovative and respected surface protection products. Our work is backed by many years of experience.