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  • Architectural - Residential & Commercial Window Film and Counter Top Protection

We install XPEL VISION Window Films designed for flat glass in homes and offices. For luxury kitchens, we install TuffSkin film to protect natural stone marble counter tops.

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Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg has used the vast experience in automotive films to offer XPEL VISION Window Film for flat residential and commercial glass. We also offer TuffSkin protective film for natural stone counter tops.

The use of protective films for residential and commercial applications has become more prevalent due to technological advances in film design and manufacturing. Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg offers installation of light filtering XPEL VISION window films and TuffSkin natural stone protective films. Both of these product lines are designed to enhance the enjoyment of your home and a way to help control temperatures inside homes, offices and shops.

XPEL VISION window films are not like automotive films. Automotive window tint film is designed to shrink in order to adapt to the compound curves of automotive glass. However, this same shrinking behavior can cause cracks in flat glass when there are abrupt temperature changes. XPEL VISION flat pane glass film is designed not to shrink and only for flat glass. It doesn’t matter if the glass pane is tempered, single or dual pane. As long as it’s home or commercial grade flat glass, it’s an ideal substrate for XPEL VISION films.

The main benefit of using architectural window films is that you can filter the light that makes it indoors even when using completely clear film. The molecular composition of the film is what does the light filtering and not the dye colour. This in turn means the film will filter infrared (IR) light that causes heat build-up indoors. Additionally, it’s just as effective as automotive window film at blocking most of the UV radiation that damages your skin, your furniture and your floors. You will save on cooling bills and your indoor furniture and fixtures will thank you.

In regards to TuffSkin natural stone top protection, this film is designed to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your kitchen’s marble countertops by not worrying about staining or scratching them. TuffSkin is available in both gloss or matte in order to match the look you are going for. The film is virtually invisible once applied and it’s designed to be removed years down the line without damaging the stone below. Most importantly, it does an amazing job at protecting stone for years.

Marble is beautiful. However, it’s also porous and brittle. Liquid sealants can help, but they are not enough. Natural stone tops and sealants have been around long enough to prove that they will stain regardless – Not to mention, they will scratch. The same items and ingredients we use on a daily basis will stain stone counter tops. Food items like ketchup, mustard, wine, and fruits can stain natural stone to the point where costly restoration work is the only way to fix the damaged surface.

With TuffSkin natural stone counter top protection installed by Canadian Auto Shield you save yourself the trouble and cost of dealing with time-consuming, messy and expensive stone restoration work. You might be really good at wiping down countertops the second you spill something. However, it’s possible your spouse or kids may not be so careful. If you put your time and money into an expensive kitchen purchase or remodel, you owe it to yourself to have that investment properly protected. We service Winnipeg and nearby cities.

Modern Kitchen Natural Stone Marble Countertops in Winnipeg

Modern homes, offices, conference rooms and stores can benefit from the protection afforded by modern window films. Not only can you effectively filter sunlight, you can also increase privacy. Our solar films are mainly for filtering IR heat and UV radiation. That said, we do offer metallic privacy films to control the visibility into living or working spaces.

Furthermore, we install XPEL VISION decorative films to make windows frosted for privacy. Decorative film can also be used to spot treat areas. For further safety, Canadian Auto Shield can install XPEL Safety & Security film which increases the breaking strength of glass panes. This increases security as it is an effective theft deterrent.

  • Benefits of Flat Glass Window Film for Home or Office
IR Heat Reduction
  • IR Heat Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of XPEL VISION Clear View Solar Films is that even though they don’t darken your windows, they still filter sunlight. The chemical composition of the film itself filters infrared (IR) radiation which is the main cause of excessive heat inside your home.

UV Blocking
  • UV Ray Blocking

In much the same way as XPEL VISION Solar Films filter IR radiation, the film blocks most of the damaging UV radiation. This helps protect you, your family, your pets and your furniture from sun damage and premature aging. The film doesn’t rely on tint to do this.

Good Looks
  • Privacy and Security

If your main goal is to increase privacy and safety, we offer VISION films that are reflective and help keep prying eyes from looking inside. Furthermore, we also offer safety & security film that aids in making glass windows much harder to break, deterring burglaries.

XPEL VISION Window Film Logo

XPEL VISION window film is the world leader in window films for flat pane glass used for residential or commercial applications. Unlike automotive window film, XPEL VISION is designed exclusively for use on flat glass as it won’t shrink. VISION CLEAR VIEW Solar Window Film is by far the most popular. It’s designed to let light in from both sides, so as to not reduce the brightness of a room, nor the clarity and visibility. However, it filters the light to reduce IR heat and UV radiation. This helps to control room temperatures and save your furniture from sun damage. We also have metallic options that reduce view from the outside. Other options include safety & security film and decorative film.

TuffSkin Marble Counter Top Protection Logo

TuffSkin is a technologically advanced clear film that is applied over natural stone countertops and tables. It comes in either gloss or matte to give your counter tops the look you want. Unlike automotive paint protection film, TuffSkin’s adhesive has less tack and is designed to allow removal in the future without damaging the stone below. Natural stone is beautiful, but due to its porous and brittle nature it can scratch and stain. The things we use on countertops daily are the main culprits. Lemon juice, grape juice, ketchup, mustard and other bright condiments can easily stain marble. TuffSkin countertop protection for your kitchen in Winnipeg solves this and helps prevent costly restoration work.

Window Film for Flat Glass in Winnipeg

Control the amount of light and heat that gets inside through your windows. XPEL VISION window film is ideal for homes, shops and offices.

Luxury Kitchen Natural Stone Counter Top Protection in Winnipeg Manitoba

Enjoy your natural stone counter tops and don’t worry about staining them. TuffSkin protection film will give you that peace of mind.

Benefits of TuffSkin Natural Stone Protective Film

Virtually Invisible
Gloss or Matte Finish
Prevents Staining of Countertops
Prevents Costly Restoration Work
Removable Without Damaging Stone

We Use the Best Films in the Industry.

Be it for automotive paint protection, window tint, commercial glass windows, conference room stone tables or luxury home kitchen stone countertops, we use the most technologically advanced protective films available today.
Bright Luxury Kitchen in Winnipeg
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