Ceramic Pro Winnipeg Services


Ceramic Pro is cream of the crop of ceramic paint protection. The industry innovator and standard of invisible ceramic coatings, no other company comes close to the same level of protection, hydrophobic properties and offers the same warranties that Ceramic Pro provides. We offer four primary packages of Ceramic Pro along with three specialty packages. The four primary packages offered are the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Sport. All four of these packages are backed by warranties as well! The Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty, the Silver Package includes a five-year warranty, the Bronze Package includes a two-year warranty and the Sport Package includes a six-month warranty. Our specialty packages include the Wheel and Caliper, Interior and Vinyl & PPF. At Ceramic Pro Winnipeg we have ceramic coatings to match any and all of your vehicular and marine needs!

Clear Bra is a polyurethane invisible film that protects your vehicle’s paint and minimizes your vehicles paint from unsightly damage. This film maximizes your vehicle’s resale value and is backed with a ten-year manufacturer and one-year installer warranty. Known in the auto detailing world as the “king” of paint protection, clear bra lets your mind rest while behind the wheel as this film offers the maximum protection against rock chips, insect acids, road salt and other blemish causing projectiles and hazards. With the addition of clear bra your car adds a shield on it’s exterior without and reduces time for cleanup as dirt and grime easily slide off.

Protect your investment!

Our detailers provide the auto detailing Steinbach and Winnipeg need to keep their cars in top shape. From the extreme seasons we’ve come accustom to our vehicles need some TLC every now and then. With decades of combined auto detailing experience between the managing partners, Ceramic Pro Winnipeg restores your paint and adds auto detailing your paint needs to stay protected. Our mission is to make you feel like you’re driving away in a protected aesthetically pleasing car and our paint correction services remove the blemishes to get the paint that you love in pristine condition. If you’ve fallen victim to swirling, scratching or marring then we’re here to help with restoring the paint’s condition.

We specialize in protecting both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, and no other product protects your cabin’s interior quite like window tint. The addition of window tint to the glass surfaces of your vehicle limits premature interior and skin aging. Our shop carries two types of XPEL tint films to keep what you care about protected. Our standard tint is our entry-level package, while our ceramic tint is considered the finest nano-ceramic tint on the market and provides elite UV and heat deflection along with added privacy. This technology provides aesthetics, practicality while turning heads in the process.