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Self-healing paint protection film is the absolute best solution for protecting your vehicle’s original finish.

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Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg Manitoba offers professional installation of the latest technology in paint protection film (PPF). Clear Bra, also known as PPF, is the best way to protect your vehicle’s original paint.

Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg Manitoba offers paint protection film for the ultimate form of finish protection. Paint protection film, synonymously known as clear bra or PPF, is the most effective solution for paint protection and helps prevent damage from environmental hazards. Blemish-causing contaminants like tar, tree sap and bug acids stick to your paint and cause unsightly damage. But with paint protection film, your car’s paint is protected from gravel, rocks, insect acids, road salt, magnesium chloride, tree sap and scratches. It also adds protection from swirling, marring, scratching as well as UV damage. At Canadian Auto Shield we encourage paint protection for front-facing areas including the front bumpers, hoods and mirrors. Ultimately, specially for higher end vehicles, we recommend wrapping the entire exterior of the vehicle.

Our clear bra paint protection film of choice is by XPEL. We use XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS for gloss finishes and XPEL STEALTH for matte finishes. Paint Protection Film, otherwise known as PPF or Clear Bra, is a layer of urethane that protects your paint from unsightly damage. This film maximizes your resale value and comes with the industry’s most competitive warranty period. XPEL paint protection film has self-healing properties. This means the film literally heals itself if inflicted with swirl marks and light scratches. Paint protection film can be applied as a clear bra, where we protect front facing areas of the car, or as full body protection, where the entire exterior paint is protected. PPF is also great for protecting exterior carbon fiber parts like front lips, side skirts, vents, intakes and wings. It doesn’t stop there. We also use PPF to protect headlights from pitting and yellowing.

XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF Install Mercedes-AMG G Wagon

At Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg we offer the world’s most trusted paint protection film. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS has been proven for years. It’s a PPF that continues to keep up with film technology and is constantly at the vanguard of performance and durability. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film possesses the leading self-healing characteristics thanks to its proprietary heat-activated self-healing top coat that heals from scratches with the aid of the sun.

XPEL Stealth PPF Logo

XPEL STEALTH paint protection film is a matte finish PPF that has that amazing and modern satin look without the hassles that are normally associated with matte paint. XPEL STEALTH can be used to preserve the look of a matte paint factory finish. It can also be used to make any gloss car look like it was painted matte. Enjoy that unique finish you can only get with matte paint, but do it without the excruciating care needed to maintain it.

Full Body XPEL Paint Protection Film

Full body paint protection film. Every square inch of paint is shielded.

Front End Clear Bra PPF Protection

Clear bra front end only paint protection film. Protect the most critical areas.

A Self-Healing Clear Bra PPF Protects Against…

Rock chips
Light scratches
Bird droppings
Bug acids
Tree sap
Road tar

Paint Protection Film Package Options

Canadian Auto Shield Winnipeg PPF Package Full Car Protection
  • Full Car

Most Protection

All exterior paint

Canadian Auto Shield PPF Premium Frontal Protection Package
  • Premium

Most Popular

Full hood, front bumper, full fenders, mirrors, A-pillars and leading edge of roof

Canadian Auto Shield PPF Standard Package Frontal Protection
  • Standard

Best Value

Full hood, front bumper and mirrors

  • Options

Extended Protection

Rockers: Lower portion of doors, side skirts, area behind rear wheels

We Use Incredibly Durable, Invisible Paint Protection Films

Our frontal clear bras or full body PPF solutions are virtually invisible when installed. You can’t tell the paint is covered with protective film. In fact, the protective film simply looks like and enhanced glossy finish and the awesome “wet” look most car enthusiasts crave.

Why is Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film Important?

Car expenses are some of our most significant investments after our living accommodations. We spend great deals of time and money on our vehicles and some of us take tremendous pride in our investments. If we’re willing to spend tens, and in some cases hundreds, of thousands of dollars on these investments doesn’t it then make sense to do everything we can to protect the paint to maximize the luster for as long as possible? Even before a car is purchased from a lot, the paint is exposed to environmental contaminants that cause blemishes. But with paint protection film, your car is protected. Our cars are constantly exposed to these blemish-causing hazards and in the seasonal extremes of Manitoba, this is no exception. With the addition of PPF to your vehicle, you’ll gain the protection that is essential to maintain your car’s paint in the best condition possible. This in turn makes it so you have the complete peace of mind needed to truly enjoy your vehicle day in and day out. You can go out in all weather conditions confident that you’ve done everything possible to protect your vehicle’s paint.

XPEL Paint Protection Films

At Canadian Auto Shield Winnipeg we use only the finest paint protection films to protect the vehicles we work on.  XPEL is one of the most trusted names in paint protection, and with decades of innovation in the automotive films industry it’s easy to see why. XPEL’s clear bra films have become synonymous with ultra clear paint protection along with self-healing properties. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, our film of choice for gloss finishes, is resistant to scratches and swirls. This film acts an additional protective shield between your paint and the outside world. In the event that the film takes hit from pebbles and gravel at freeway speeds, or is scratched, you simply park the vehicle in the sun or a heated garage and watch the self-healing properties go into effect. During a hot day, scratches disappear before you have time to get out of the vehicle and check. The finish makes for incredibly easy cleanups as dirt and debris wipe right off the surface. All XPEL clear bra films are backed the the industry’s most competitive warranty. These films are designed and manufactured to provide many years of service.

Professional Paint Protection Film by XPEL
Canadian Auto Shield PPF Installation
Paint Protection Film XPEL Installation
2024 BMW M3 XPEL Paint Protection Film in Winnipeg
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