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Preserve the interior of your vehicle in Winnipeg Manitoba with advanced ceramic coating protection for carbon fiber, textile, plastic and leather.

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Canadian Auto Shield offers vehicle interior protection by sealing surfaces with a Ceramic Pro coating. We have specific formulas designed for the various surfaces of your car’s interior, including leather, plastic, vinyl and fabrics.

Ceramic Pro Interior Coating for Leather

Ceramic Pro Winnipeg / Canadian Auto Shield places a large focus on the importance of vehicle interior protection particularly necessary in our area. We have Ceramic Pro ceramic coating solutions for every interior surface of your car, truck or SUV. The very specific formulas provide a permanent bond with the surfaces coated in order to seal off pores and shield the surface from stains generated by dirt, grime, salt and fluids. We have vast amounts of experience ceramic coating leather in luxury cars, as well as fabrics, plastics, carpets and floor mats.
Stop worrying about staining your seats with coffee or soda. Make your vehicle’s interior easy to wipe-down clean in no time. Coating your vehicle’s interior will allow the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy and not worry about every drop of coffee, or hoping in with muddy shoes, specially during winter.

Ceramic Pro Leather Interior Coating
Ceramic Pro Textile for Vehicle Interiors
Porsche 911 50 Anniversary Interior

Whether your car has leather interiors, fabric seats, or a little bit of both, you owe it to yourself to seal it off with a ceramic coating. This will ensure it continues to look like the day you bought it, even after many years. This goes for the luxury daily drivers or weekend-only sports car. The outcome is the same.

We are well aware that the harsh winters in Winnipeg all areas in Manitoba require thinking outside the box when it comes to vehicle interior protection. We need solutions to protect carpets from wet, snowy and muddy boots. When it rains, you want coated leather seats so the rainwater on coats doesn’t penetrate the leather. Most of us drive around with some sort of hot drink in our cup holders. For that reason, we need solutions to protect most surfaces inside a car from spills. Canadian Auto Shield has those solution in the form of nano-tech ceramic coatings formulated for the various materials inside your vehicle.

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At Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg we take pride in protecting your prized vehicle’s original appearance inside and out. We are certified installers of the world’s most innovative and respected surface protection products. Our work is backed by many years of experience.