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Ceramic Pro Marine Coatings Winnipeg by Canadian Auto Shield help make boat maintenance effortless by making it easier to keep clean.

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Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg Manitoba can help cut your boat maintenance and cleaning time down substantially. We coat watercraft with Ceramic Pro coatings in order to repel contaminants and aid in keeping all surfaces clean.

When the weather is nice, Winnipeggers love spending time on the water. It’s one of the many joys of having a plethora of lakes nearby. In the summertime many residents flock to the freshwater lakes that include Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Lake of the Woods, West Hawk Lake and Falcon Lake. With the high excitement that boating brings, cleaning and maintaining your boat is a whole different story. That’s where Ceramic Pro Marine Coatings Winnipeg comes in. Coating your watercraft with Ceramic Pro Marine adds protection from barnacles, algae, fishing debris, mussels and much more. A Ceramic Pro Marine coating on your boat’s hull adds protection and drastically reduces cleanup times. Coating below the waterline helps keep the bottom of the boat clean and slick. This can even help with top speed because a dirty hull tends to increase drag.

Canadian Auto Shield / Ceramic Pro Winnipeg offers several services to keep your boat’s hull, deck seating area and most everything else, in pristine condition. We use a combination of various Ceramic Pro coating formulas for different surface materials on boats. For example, we use Ceramic Pro Marine for the hull, below the waterline and non-skid areas. For layering and extra gloss and hydrophobicity we use Ceramic Pro Bravo, either by layering it over Ceramic Pro Marine, or as a standalone product depending on the application. Additionally, we use Ceramic Pro Glass or Squall for all glass surfaces. Ceramic Pro Marine is also excellent for coating vinyl seating areas. Vinyl is very susceptible to stains from fishing, body oils and even sunscreen lotion. Protecting vinyl is essential for the overall care of your watercraft.

Ceramic Pro Marine is ideal for all watercraft including runabouts, sailboats, fishing boats, personal watercraft, yachts, race boats and wake boats and ski boats. Every surface of a boat can be sealed with a ceramic coating… yes, even materials inside the cabin. Ceramic Pro Marine forms a permanent covalent bond with the surface to which is it applied. This means that a Ceramic Pro Marine coating can only be removed through abrasion. It will not come off with chemicals. Not even with an acid wash.

With Ceramic Pro Marine, topped with Ceramic Pro Bravo, you get the ultimate shine for your boat without ever have to wax again. Boats with coloured hulls like red, black or yellow will look incredibly deep and rich. Furthermore, this deep gloss and shine will last with just minimal maintenance. A boat that is coated with Ceramic Pro Marine becomes incredibly easy to clean and the effects are the same whether on freshwater or saltwater. Less maintenance time means more time enjoying your boat!

Our boat detailing and ceramic coating services can be performed at our facilities in Winnipeg or we can come to your dock. All our work is done by Ceramic Pro certified boat detailing technicians specifically trained in Ceramic Pro Marine protection.  We work on small and large boats alike. We also perform any services needed prior to ceramic coating such as detailing, polishing and decontamination of surfaces to be coated. We have packages and options to fit all budgets and boat sizes. Every boat owner in Winnipeg can benefit from having their vessel coated with Ceramic Pro Marine!

High Gloss

High Gloss

Ceramic Pro Marine provides a high gloss finish that Exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. It also helps deepen colours to make them more vibrant. This means your boat will have more luster than the day you bought it.



Ceramic Pro Marine coatings cannot be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards. Ceramic Pro Marine is suitable for the most extreme environments, from the frozen seas of the arctic to the sun-scorched tropics.



Ceramic Pro Marine, Bravo and Squall are the most versatile marine ceramic coatings on the planet. With the wide rang of uses there is literally no surface on your boat that cannot be coated. This includes exterior and interior surfaces.



We offer coating packages with comprehensive and competitive warranties. We believe you will be 100% satisfied with Ceramic Pro Marine and stand behind our products and professional detailing and coating services.

UV Radiation

UV Protection

Ceramic Pro Marine utilizes a revolutionary blend of UV Inhibiting minerals to protect your vessel from harsh and damaging UV radiation from the sun. Protect gelcoat, paint, teak, vinyl, canvas from fade and premature aging.

Fouling Release

Fouling Release

Ceramic Pro Marine reduces the surface tension of your gelcoat preventing microorganisms from planting roots into the pores of your gelcoat making growth incredibly easy to remove. Ceramic Pro Marine actually plugs micropores in gelcoat.


Oxidation Block

Ceramic Pro Marine is a heavy-duty ceramic coating that can be layered. This makes a super strong shield that seals gelcoat to prevent oxidation. Gelcoat protected and maintained with Ceramic Pro Marine will not turn white and chalky.

Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning

Ceramic Pro Marine reduces the surface tension of any surface allowing bird droppings, fish blood, oil and any other contaminants to be rejected by the surface. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and time consuming washes.

Canadian Auto Shield Marine Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Pro Marine – The Product

Ceramic Pro Marine, Ceramic Pro Bravo and Ceramic Pro Squall are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your gelcoat, paint and glass. Our coatings will not affect your gelcoat or paint in any way that may void any manufacturer warranties. Ceramic Pro Marine coating will not crack, peel or yellow. Our products have undergone SGS testing and real life testing in some of the worlds harshest environments, and surpassed every one of those tests.

One of the great properties of Ceramic Pro Marine is its versatility and its ability to protect any surface you choose. The protection is not limited to gelcoat and paint. We coat brightwork, teak, vinyl, canvas, glass and most other surfaces found on boats. Additionally, for the cabin, we can opt to use standard automotive interior coatings like Ceramic Pro Plastic, Leather and even 9H for certain surfaces. This means you can coat your boat in and out.

Ceramic Pro Marine will work  below the waterline as a fouling release. Ceramic Pro Marine seals the pores of your gelcoat or paint preventing marine growth from staining and rooting into your boat making removal a very easy task. Our products are environmentally safe meaning once applied there is no contamination or leeching of the product into the water. This is because the coating fuses with the surfaces and it cannot be removed with chemicals. Any coating removal must be done with abrasion.

Ceramic Pro Marine Coating Products

The Coating Application

Ceramic Pro Marine must be applied by trained and certified professionals. This product requires a strong attention to detail and an understanding of how solvent-based coatings work. At Canadian Auto Shield / Ceramic Pro Winnipeg, we have techs trained specifically on Ceramic Pro Marine who dedicated most of their time to marine-specific applications. This ensures we can guarantee our work to last for years to come with simple scheduled maintenance.

Different surfaces on a vessel, as well as whether the surface is vertical or is one that requires non-skid functions calls for different techniques in the application of Ceramic Pro Marine, or layering with Ceramic Pro Bravo. We know which surfaces need specific coatings and just how much layering can be done.

Additionally, our professionals are experts in the art of surface correction. Ceramic Pro Marine must be applied to a properly prepped and polished surface. We will restore your boat to the absolute best condition possible before the application of Ceramic Pro Marine. This includes polishes and scratch-correction as well as decontamination and solvent cleaning. When we are ready to install the coating, the surface to be worked on will be free of any contaminants, old waxes or oils.


Maintaining your Ceramic Pro Marine coating is as easy as just washing your boat with mild boat wash fluid or even dish wash soap. You don’t need bleaches, acids, harsh cleaners or metal polishes for surfaces coated with Ceramic Pro. The base Ceramic Pro Marine layer never goes away. The top coat, done with Ceramic Pro Bravo should be renewed periodically for the maximum gloss, self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties. This is because Bravo is a little softer than the base coat in order to provide that top-level shine and contaminant repellence. Ceramic Pro Marine completely replaces the need for wax or other sealants. They won’t stick to the surface anyway.

Note that boats coated with Ceramic Pro Marine can be cleaned with a high-pressure washer. The coating, after cured, forms a covalent and permanent bond with the surface below it. Yes, it can be removed with hard abrasion like wet-sanding or using a high-powered polisher with a cutting pad and high cut polish. However, a pressure washer by itself, during normal use, will not be able to remove the coating.

We recommend you avoid the use of abrasive brushes for cleaning your Ceramic Pro coated boat. In general, all you need is a sponge like those used for automotive cleaning and perhaps a soft deck brush to do perform most general cleaning tasks.

Durability & Performance

Ceramic Pro Marine coatings fuse with the substrate to form a single layer that is permanently bonded to the surface. This makes the coating amazingly durable. Additionally, given Ceramic Pro Marine is harder than glass, the wear is incredibility low and only harsh and sustained abrasion can remove it. We do no recommend acid washes for coated surfaces. That said, the coating has been rated and tested against acids. The slightly softer Ceramic Pro Bravo top coat used in areas above the waterline where more gloss is expected – such as vertical areas of the hull, has a slightly higher wear level yet provides the impressive self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties we love.

Ceramic Pro Marine will protect your vinyl from accidental spills, fish blood, stains, oil/grime and harmful UV Rays. Ceramic Pro Marine is completely flexible due to its low thickness and will not crack or peel from vinyl. As with all surfaces, Ceramic Pro Marine offers a self-cleaning effect allowing your vinyl to be easily cleaned.

In regards to water spots, Ceramic Pro Marine will not prevent water spotting but it will allow those annoying water spots to be easily removed. Given the coating creates a protective layer over the substrate it does not allow minerals to corrode or etch the surface in the first place. Metals are known to really show water spots. Ceramic Pro Marine does an excellent job protecting metals on your watercraft, above and below the water line. Metals are protected from corrosion, water spot etching, oxidation and discoloration. No need to continuously polish your brightwork.

Teak and Brighwork

Finally, Ceramic Pro Marine can be used on non-skid surfaces to keep them clean while still allowing the non-skid to work effectively. The slippery gloss we all know is love is achieved with the top coat of Ceramic Pro Bravo, which is applied to areas that do not have to be non-skid. When it comes to teak surfaces, Ceramic Pro Marine is excellent for protecting teak – whether its decorative teak or tread surfaces. The coating will give the wood a natural and healthy look for extended periods of time.

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Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine ceramic coating is the ideal ceramic coating for the hull of your boat, including the surfaces that will be below the waterline. It becomes a protective layer that prevents oxidation and the growth of barnacles, sea organisms and algae. Ceramic Pro Marine makes it easy to wipe-off biofilm during simple cleaning. The surface gains hydrophobic properties and stains do not stick to the gelcoat. Because of this, maintenance time is cut in half allowing you more time to enjoy your boat or personal watercraft.

Ceramic Pro Marine provides:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Excellent gloss
  • Hydrophobicity

Ceramic Pro Bravo

Ceramic Pro Bravo is the ideal ceramic coating for surfaces above the waterline. This coating is the ideal companion to Ceramic Pro Marine for a full vessel coating as it allows the combination of coatings for above the waterline use, hull and non-slip surfaces. While we will use Ceramic Pro Marine for the outer hull and below the waterline, Bravo is the preferred coating for almost everything else. We have solutions ideal for every surface that exists on all types of watercraft. We even have coatings for materials in the cabin.

Ceramic Pro Bravo provides:

  • Easy cleaning
  • UV protection
  • Chemical resistance
Ceramic Pro Bravo Coating

Ceramic Pro Bravo is the marine coating for surfaces above the waterline.

Ceramic Pro Glass for Boats

We use Ceramic Pro Glass and Squall to coat glass surfaces on vessels.

Ceramic Pro Marine Coatings Provide Some of These Benefits For Your Vessel…

UV Protection
Oxidation Protection
Scratch Resistance
Ultimate Gloss
Increased Top Speed

A Ceramic Pro Marine Coating Reduces Maintenance and Cleaning Time

Marine Coatings Winnipeg / Canadian Auto Shield uses Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings for your vessel as a proven solution to reduce the time you spend to keep it clean. This makes it so that you can spend more time enjoying your boat or personal watercraft than working on it. Gelcoat, plastics and metals won’t stain and gain hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties.
Ceramic Pro Marine and Bravo
Installing Ceramic Pro Bravo Above the Waterline
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