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The latest technology in window tint films installed by true professionals.

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Canadian Auto Shield in Window Tint Winnipeg in Manitoba offers professional installation of the best window tint films in the business. The results are good looks with any amount of privacy you would like, combined with the most advanced heat and UV reduction available today.

Canadian Auto Shield offers top-of-the-line window tint installation in Winnipeg Manitoba. We feel that much too often window tinting is seen as a commodity. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason is simple – Window Tint Winnipeg professional installation services by Canadian Auto Shield are a step above everyone else. We use the best window tint film in the business from XPEL’s selection of PRIME window tint films. That’s only part of the equation however. Window tint’s performance is only as good as the installation. We provide bubble-free, contaminant-free installation that FITS. Our computer cuts are as precise as they get and therefore the durability and performance of the tint film itself is not compromised and guaranteed to last.

XPEL PRIME window tint film is not like the films of yesterday. We offer two levels of tint film depending on your needs. For example, the flagship film is XPEL PRIME XR PLUS. This film features nano-ceramic particles which do the work of filtering heat-inducing IR radiation. This type of radiation, also known as infrared radiation, is what’s actually responsible for that heat build-up you feel in those hot summer months. Given the heat filtering is done by the nano-ceramic particles and not the dye, you get amazing IR filtering even in the light VLT (Visual Light Transmission) shades. XPEL PRIME XR PLUS also reflects harmful UV radiation which causes most of the damage to your skin, and your vehicle interior. Bottom line, if you’re looking for the best tint technology, XPEL PRIME XR PLUS is what you want.

Window Tint Winnipeg Dodge Challenger

Another option includes XPEL PRIME HP Black metallic window tint. While this option is less costly than XPEL PRIME XR PLUS it doesn’t mean it’s not as good. It just depends on your needs. If your car doesn’t spend the day out in the sun all the time, you may not need the extra tech in PRIME XR PLUS. For this type of car owner, XPEL PRIME HP Black is great and can provide a dark, but factory looking true black look. If you want a good, true-colour window tint that filters UV rays properly and you don’t need a lot of heat rejection, then PRIME HP is ideal. The reason is, this tint is guaranteed to last, has a true black colour tone and delivers on UV filtering perfectly. Modern metallic dyed films like PRIME HP BLACK are a take on classic films, but better, offering hybrid metallic technology.

If you are unsure of what you would prefer for your vehicle, please feel free to ask. Window Tint Winnipeg tinting services by Canadian Auto Shield will not try and oversell you. We will offer our best suggestion based on your needs. We’re not looking to sell people on PRIME XR PLUS tint if we know the person doesn’t need it. If you work on the road all day, or drive a lot in the summer months, or perhaps have to park out all day at the office, nano-ceramic tint might be for you. If not, one of our other offerings may be perfect. All our tint installation work is guaranteed. The XPEL film itself carries a very competitive warranty which depends on the product. The top-of-the-line film carries a lifetime warranty and PRIME HP is warrantied to 10 years, which is still very substantial and extremely competitive.

  • The 3 Main Reason to Tint Your Windows
IR Heat Reduction
  • IR Heat Rejection

These days, one of the most important benefits of window tint film is the IR heat rejection. When using nano-ceramic film like XPEL PRIME XR PLUS, you get dramatic heat reduction even in the lightest of shades.

UV Blocking
  • UV Ray Blocking

UV blocking has been a feature of window tint for some time now. However, modern window tint films, even the more entry level XPEL offerings offer high performance UV blocking that’s better than the best films of the past.

Good Looks
  • Privacy and Looks

We don’t have to tell you much about privacy and good looks… this has usually been the number one motivator for people wanting window tint for their vehicles. This hasn’t changed so feel free to chose what you like best.


XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Automotive Window Film is our flagship window tint film which provides all the latest technology in heat and UV filtering. This film uses nano-ceramic infusion to filter infrared radiation (IR), which in turn dramatically reduces the heat build-up inside your vehicle. This heat reduction is just as effective in the light shades of tint because it doesn’t rely on the dye itself to do the work. This film carries the best warranty in the business.

PRIME XR PLUS is available in VLT: 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 45, 55. 70


XPEL PRIME HP Automotive Window Film is a metallic film that is above the rest in performance, looks and longevity. The film uses a hybrid metallic and dye composition to provide great UV filtering and effective heat rejection. The film is properly balanced in colour and remains that way its entire life. It offers a true-black tint look regardless of the shade percentage. This film also carries a very comprehensive and competitive warranty.

PRIME HP BLACK is available in VLT: 5, 15, 20, 35, 50

XPEL Automotive Window Films by Canadian Auto Shield

Ideal for all performance vehicles.

Performance Vehicle Window Tinting in Winnipeg.

Yes, we can do any window. Even the windshield.

Don’t forget about all the benefits of IR window film…

Heat Filtering Even in Lighter Shades
Colour Stability for the Life of the Film
Block 99% of Harmful UV Radiation
No Cell Phone Interference
Factory Look
Lifetime Warranty (IR Films Only)

The Bottom Line is We Use the Best Window Tint Films in the Industry.

Canadian Auto Shield takes a no compromise approach to window films. We believe that a quality installation that truly performs for years to come has to start with the best films available. This is why we use XPEL Automotive Window Films for our window tint services in Winnipeg.
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Window Tint Ford Mustang Mach E
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