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Our job is to make your vehicle’s paint as perfect as possible before applying any of our various paint protection products.

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Canadian Auto Shield’s paint correction service ensures that your vehicle’s paint is enhanced to look as close to perfect as possible. We work on newer paints as well as older cars that need more correction work to appear at its best.

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Vehicle Paint Correction and Detailing Winnipeg

Paint Correction in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg places a very strong focus on the importance of paint correction. The reason for this is most paint protection projects require it, to some degree. Even a new car often comes contaminated with rail dust in the form of tiny iron particles. You definitely do not want to seal those particles into the paint with paint protection film or a ceramic coating. It can cause oxidation problems in the future, or even the failure of the ceramic coating in certain areas. Additionally, new cars often show up with faint swirl marks or even tiny scratches from transport or incorrect washing techniques at the dealership.

You simply don’t want to seal in imperfections — Specially for ceramic coatings. If there is a scratch in the paint, and you seal it in with a ceramic coating, it’s staying there for good. That’s why you want to have your paint brought up to as close to perfection as possible. As mentioned above, this applies to new vehicles and is specially true for vehicle with some mileage on them, since they will likely need to be polished, swirls marks and hazing removed.

At Canadian Auto Shield we are experts at restoring your paint to the best shine possible. We know exactly how to measure your paint’s depth and the level of correction needed. At the same time, we know the correct combination of pads, compounds, time and level of abrasion needed to achieve perfect results. We even take it a step further and “gem” your vehicle’s paint to the deepest gloss possible. Furthermore, we fully decontaminate your vehicle’s paint before we apply a ceramic coating or PPF. This ensure your new paint protection system will last for years to come.

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The attention to detail is the most important aspect of our work.

Polishing Pads

Understanding polishing pad qualities and use it of utmost importance.

Paint Correction & Paint Protection

Canadian Auto Shield Uses the Finest Menzerna Polishes

Paint correction is an imperative step in paint protection as it is critical to remove any imperfections from the paint before sealing it with a FUSION PLUS ceramic coating or XPEL clear bra. We use the best paint correction and polishing compounds by Menzerna. Menzerna is one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of  paint correction compounds.

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At Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg we take pride in protecting your prized vehicle’s original appearance inside and out. We are certified installers of the world’s most innovative and respected surface protection products. Our work is backed by many years of experience.