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Car care and paint protection services offered by the experts at Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg.

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Paint Correction

At Canadian Auto Shield we use the world’s most advanced paint correction products by Menzerna Polishes backed with years of experience to correct and issues with your vehicle’s paint. We also decontaminated paint to remove pollutants, iron deposits and any organic substances. All these processes ensure your vehicle has the been looking, and cleanest, paint possible before sealing in that perfection with a Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating or XPEL Paint Protection Film.


Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is the best solution for keeping your vehicle’s paint perfect for years to come. We used XPEL Paint Protection Films for full vehicle wraps or front end clear bra. XPEL PPF is self-healing and comes in gloss or matte varieties. XPEL film such as XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS carries the industry’s leading and most comprehensive warranty. No other solution is better at protecting your vehicle’s original paint. PPF is also great for protecting expensive carbon fiber parts from chips and scratches.


Ceramic Coatings

Canadian Auto Shield / Ceramic Pro Winnipeg installs the world’s most advanced Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings. We have coating formulas designed for all exposed parts of your vehicle. This means we can coat more than just the paint. We have solutions for external plastic parts and glass.We also offer various Ceramic Pro packages to fit all vehicle owner needs and budgets. Ceramic Pro is hydrophobic and repels all contaminants by permanently sealing all micro-pores in your paint.


Interior Protection

For your vehicle interior we have Ceramic Pro formulas for coating leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabrics. This means you don’t have to worry about the occasional coffee spill as it’ll come right off. Ceramic Pro coatings for your vehicle interior help with more than just spills. Dirt and grime will not stick to surfaces making them much easier to clean by just wiping the surfaces down. Additionally, Ceramic Pro coatings for vehicle interiors also help with UV radiation and heat allowing your vehicle’s interior extended all-weather protection.


Window Tint

Canadian Auto Shield offers professional XPEL Automotive Window Films installation near Winnipeg. We offer the latest IR blocking technology in the form of XPEL PRIME XR PLUS. This film provides the most advanced heat reduction even in the lighter shades. For those that don’t need the IR filtering, we offer XPEL PRIME XP. This is a high-performing metallic-dyed hybrid film offering the perfect balance of UV blocking, privacy, true stable colour and durability. Our installation work is top quality, to match our films.


Marine Coatings

Everyone knows that maintaining a boat day in and day out can be a daunting task. Our job is to prep and apply Ceramic Pro Marine coatings for all types of watercraft. By coating your boat with Ceramic Pro Marine the task of keeping your watercraft clean becomes much easier. We have formulas for hull sections above or below the water line. We also have solutions for coating non-skid surfaces and bright work. By sealing off most surfaces of your boat with a ceramic coating you can easily keep them clean.


Architectural Films

We offer many of the benefits of protective and light filtering film for use in residential and commercial architectural applications. Canadian Auto Shield installs XPEL VISION films for flat pane home and office glass windows. We also install TuffSkin protective film for natural stone counter tops and tables. With these products you can reduce heat indoors, control UV radiation and protect stone tops from stains and scratches. We go to your location for installation, and service Winnipeg and nearby cities.

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At Canadian Auto Shield in Winnipeg we take pride in protecting your prized vehicle’s original appearance inside and out. We are certified installers of the world’s most innovative and respected surface protection products. Our work is backed by many years of experience.